Remembering Simon
I want to thank Dr. Poduska and Harper Animal Hospital for taking such good care of Simon.

I also feel the need to let you know who Simon really was. Animals never let their true personalities shine through when they go to the vet.

My son had wanted a puppy. We live in a condo and I didn’t feel that it would be fair to have a dog and not have a yard. I told my son that we could get a kitten. We got Simon from an animal shelter in the area when he was six weeks old. My son picked Simon out and gave him his name and I did everything else from then on.

We brought Simon home and he learned his name in 20 minutes.

I thought it was my son in the bathroom constantly flushing the toilet. It wasn’t – it was Simon. Sometimes, we would come home and the bathroom fan was on. I couldn’t figure that one out. I mean, really – it couldn’t be the cat! Well, it was. I saw him do it one day when we were home. He jumped up on the vanity, turned on the fan and stood up on his hind legs looking up at the fan! He also loved being in the bathtub. He had figured out that if he played with the knob that makes the shower go on, he could make some drops of water come out of the faucet.

Simon was very entertaining. He loved playing with his toys. We had a basket full of toys in the living room (His toy box). He would go and get one out and play with it. He would toss it in the air and sometimes do as many as three somersaults in a row. He would put it on the other side of a wall and stalk it. He also liked to play fetch with a piece of crumpled up paper.

He would get really rambunctious. He would run around the house really fast, pick up enough speed and run sideways on the walls! He would also jump up on the trim of the bathroom doorway and slide down. The claw marks are still there. I’ll paint over them when we get our condo ready to sell.

Simon was not allowed in our bedrooms because he was not graceful. You could see the path he took by everything he knocked down. My son’s bedroom as it at the end of the hallway. Simon figured out that if he stood at the opposite end of the hallway and picked up enough speed, he could throw himself into the door and it would pop open. One day at the end of the day we came home and Simon did not greet us at the door. Immediately we know something was up. He had popped my son’s door open. He took some of his toys in there and you could see where he had been sleeping on the bed! Of course, the room was also in a shamble. My son was not as amused as I was.

I could not yell at my son for anything. I could not raise my voice. If I did, I would get smacked by Simon. If I didn’t stop, Simon would stalk me and keep smacking me.

I took my son to see the Disney movie, Up. If you’ve seen the movie, you know about “Squirrel!”. Since Simon’s favorite activity was to go to the patio door and watch the furry critters, we thought it would be fun to try and teach Simon the word squirrel when there was one. Well, he learned that word very quick. So we went on to bird and then chipmunk. He learned them all. If by chance the critter happened to move on before Simon could get there, you would get smacked.

Simon also learned the word cookie (for his treats). I made cookies one day and I was telling my son that there were cookies in the kitchen. Simon came running to me expectantly. I had to give him one (of his treats).

The house is so empty, still and quiet. Simon will always be remembered.

We Love You, Simon
Your Humans


There is nothing on this earth that could have loved us as much as this little princess.

My dearest little girl, Daddy’s heart aches for you every day. Your pain is gone now, so run and play in heaven until I get to hold you again and feel the little kisses that you didn’t share with many.

I know that God is Love, and when one of His messengers of Love passes, they return to the Father, the one who created them; for Love can have no other destination but the Father.

There will never be another like you. Your name tag read “Ava…Daddy’s Girl” but you captured the hearts of everyone that knew you. We love you Daddy’s little girl, and miss you very much. Mommy and Daddy


You are so missed everyday. It will be a year 10/21/14 that you had to leave us and go to rainbow heaven.
We could not have picked a better dog on Christmas Eve 2004 to become part of our family. We cannot believe you are gone but I know you are feeling so much better. Until we all meet again

We love and miss you so very much, Mom and Dad


Bella, you were the best dog anyone could ask for. You were perfect from the day we got you to the day you passed. You are our little angel, and you can breathe again. We love and miss you.
Until we meet again,
Mommy, Daddy, and Michael